Full Name
Tim Albright
Job Title
Conference Technologies

Tim Albright is the founder and CEO of AVNation Media, CMO of Conference Technologies Inc.(CTI), award winning AV professional,  and founder of AVNation Media. Albright studied radio and television at Lewis & Clark Community College, received a B.S. in organization leadership from Greenville University and is currently pursuing his master's in media communication from Southern Illinois University. He began his radio career on morning shows and was drawn to the field of broadcasting because it allowed him to communicate his thoughts from behind a microphone, where he felt he could be himself. “People invite you into their homes, into their cars, and it’s a very personal way to communicate. As a natural introvert, it was a way for me to feel less weird.” 

Albright’s pride and joy, AVNation Media, is now a pro AV media powerhouse, putting out 14 shows a week—not including all the AVNation Specials which Albright utilizes to highlight important topics such as diversity, gender equality and more. “Diversity is critical to AVNation’s success. There is a power to media, regardless of the medium. How we see each other and ourselves represented in the media we consume has an impact on our worldview. Making the decision to include others who don’t look like me, a white man, is important because then someone who doesn’t look like me will see themselves and see an opportunity they may not have imagined. Being able to provide that brings me immense joy and is one of my career highlights.”

In the past year Albright had the opportunity to take AVNation to the next level by joining with the amazing professionals at CTI where he now holds the role of CMO.

Tim Albright